Originals Offered for Sale


These are works from my personal collection.

The art is professionally packed and insured against loss or damages. Postage and Handling is not included in the prices, but it won't be much.

I use A-1 Packaging

All orders shipped via FedEx.

Keep for one week.  If not satisfied, return for full refund, with the answer to one question:  Why?

My prices are in most cases the price I could command when I first started painting.

If my price(s) is too high, suggest a price(s) you're willing to pay.
Send me an email with the title(s).

I'm open to a payment arrangement.  State what you can pay monthy and I'll mark the work(s) Reserved.

Please include the title of the artwork(s) you wish to purchase in your email.  Include an address to send the artwork(s) to.  

Please send checks or money orders made out to:

Robert Tracy
1115 Potomac Ave.
Lafayette, IN  47905-1837

Or PayPal

Titles, media, size and year are included below each image, along with comments on a few of the works.  Some are professionally matted and/or framed.  Many are not.  This information is included on the following pages.

Pencils, Pen and ink and silverpoint start HERE

Paintings start HERE

Note:  I'll be adding both Pencil and Color works.  I've already found some of each and know of others I haven't found but know they're around.  So check back.  They will be at an Addendum.

And Addendums.

Added Aug. 6, 2011