Marine Corps Art 



Recon Training over Camp Reasoner, 1st Recon Bn., Vietnam, 1968
by Robert Tracy
Oils on Masonite
12 x 12"
(Click image for details of Choppers and Marines)



"Three Soldiers"
After the sculpture by Frederick Hart
by Robert Tracy
7 x 8"
Collection the Artist



In Vietnam
by Robert Tracy
Oils on Canvas
24 x 12"
( Click image for details of the Yellow Flowers, the Lamp, and the Marine )
For a very large view of the entire painting click HERE
This is a Fantasy picture.  The Marine outside the window represents a self-portrait, not in physical likeness, but in memories of the loneliness.  Thinking of my girl back home.  And she, waiting for me.  I didn't get a "Dear John" letter.  And we're still married.



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