Echo Co., 1st Recon Bn.

1967 - 1968

This is my squad returning from a patrol. 
I recognize Jim DeMello, our point man, in front. 
This was a photograph taken by a staff photographer of the Lebanon, (Ind.), Reporter, Thursday, June 6, 1968.
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The squad.  
Front row, left to right: Jim Kreuger, Lt. McKlosky, Jim DeMello
Back row, left to right: Robert Tracy, ?, Mike Bernstein, ?, "Stretch"


This is Dong Din, an OP some 800 meters high, NNW of Danang.


This is from Dong Din, Looking out over the South China Sea. 
That's not quite an island out there, but memory doesn't serve me well enough to give it a name....
I can now:

"What you're looking at is Da Nang Bay (a.k.a. Tourane Bay), and what appears
to be an island is actually a peninsula properly known as the Son Tra
Peninsula, but which we Americans generally referred to as the Tien Sha
Peninsula. Da Nang City sits nestled in the right edge of the photo and
southwest of the peninsula.

There are two major peaks on that peninsula: The smaller of the two and the
one closest to Da Nang City was called Monkey Mountain (don't know its Viet
name, and there was a famous signal site along a ridge of Monkey Mtn). The
taller and most easterly peak is Son Tra.  Tien Sha, I believe is/was
actually a ville at the southern edge of those mnts and on the thin neck of
the peninsula. It was that ville, I think, that led to us giving the moniker
"Tien Sha Peninsula" to the whole thing.

The river (Song Cu De) entering the bay in the photo is crossed by what was
known as Hwy 1's (QL-1) Nam O Bridge, and just to the south of that bridge
is Red Beach and what became the home of Camp Haskins South and North."

The above information is from Michael P. Kelley, author of the book Where We Were In Vietnam

This is a river below Dong Din, with the sun rising over Happy Valley.